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Wahu in Accra, Ghana

E-Mobility ist auch in Afrika ein Megatrend. Die nachhaltige und günstige Mobilität, die die Wahu! Bikes und die dazugehörige App bereitstellen, öffnen mehrere Jobmärkte und sollen insbesondere Frauen Zugang zur aufstrebenden Gig Economy bieten. Die geplante Versorgung mit Solarstrom macht die Story nochmal runder. Und EWIA liefert dazu die passende Solaranlage für die Wahu-Produktionshalle.

(Jan. 2024)

Wahu 1.jpg

Radach Hotel in Tamale, Ghana

The hotel complex has 68 rooms, six conference rooms and two restaurants. The operator has existed since 1990 and was initiated by Markaz al Bishara, a local Christian association registered in 1983 by Reverend Dr. Johnson Asare. Today, Reverend Dr. Johnson Asare is the CEO of the operating company.

In cooperation with a general contractor, EWIA will construct a solar plant with a capacity of approx. 74 kWp on the hotel's own neighboring property. 

The system will feed all of the electricity into the hotel's grid and thus cover up to 50% of the hotel's energy consumption.

(Nov. 2023)

Radach Hotel2 (1).jpg

A1 Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana

With A1 Hospital, one of the leading clinics in Kumasi, EWIA has successfully implemented the first solar project for a hospital. The hospital suffers time and again from erratic power supply and grid fluctuations. These also affect the power supply during procedures in the operating theatre. With the solar system in combination with battery storage, this is now a thing of the past. The building consists of several floors. Due to the exposed location, the earthing and lightning protection concept had to be redesigned, among other things. Due to the wind loads, it was also necessary to reinforce the roof.

(February 2023)

A1 Hospital.jpg

Afriwave Solarsystems/ EWIA Infrastructure Ltd.

Afriwave Telecom is a wholly Ghanaian company established in 1998 to provide a full range of telecommunication services including equipment supplies, installation contractors, telecom consultants, manufacturers' representatives and value added network services aimed at both private and public sector clients.


EWIA Infrastructure Ltd. has now been entrusted with equipping 6 mobile radio masts with solar systems for the first time in a pilot phase. A first successful project portfolio for the newly founded joint venture.

(January 2023)

Afriwave Solarsystems_1.jpg

Osko Lodge in Kumasi, Ghana

Welcome to Kumasi, the vibrant capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Region! Here in the country’s second-most populated city, located in a rain forest region near Lake Bosomtwe in the south of Ghana, we just completed the installation of a sophisticated solar system at Osko Lodge!

With future generations on his mind, Dr. Ebenezer Osei Kofi, the owner of Osko Lodge, appreciates both saving money in the long run and reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. This is yet another project EWIA tackled alongside our partners Afreeca.

(Sep. 2022)


Orphanage in Koforidua, Ghana 

EWIA, in cooperation with the two companies Huawei and Jubaili Bros, has electrified an orphanage with solar energy and a battery, letting the sun shine for almost a dozen orphans and their carers in Ghana. 

(May 2022)

Orphanage Koforidua, Ghana .png

ARCCU Credit Union in Takoradi, Ghana

With the solar hybrid system from Jubaili Bros, ARCCU succeeds in reducing its carbon footprint in two ways. First, by drawing less electricity from the thermal power station (oil and gas) in Sekondi-Takoradi, and second, in the event of a power outage. If power goes out, the plant communicates with ARCCU's diesel generator, which reduces diesel consumption and thus polluting emissions by up to 70 percent. In connection with the solar power system, the existing diesel generator could be replaced by a new, significantly smaller diesel generator, which in turn results in lower CO2 emissions.

Emmanuel Prah, manager of ARCCU, comments: "This plant is a milestone in our sustainability strategy not only in financial terms, but also in ecological terms, as we have to think about the next generation.”

(April 2022)

ARCCU Credit Union in Takoradi, Ghana.png

EWIA Infrastructure 

In 2021, EWIA Infrastructure successfully completed the first four telecommunication towers and installed over 20 video security systems.

EWIA Infrastructure is a joint venture of EWIA Green Investments GmbH and Tong New Energy Ltd. from Accra, Ghana.

(August 2021)

2021.07.22_Handymast 1.1.jpg

Private House in Kumasi, Ghana

The small solar system with battery was installed together with our cooperation partner AFREECA. A new control technology is used, which ensures an uninterruptible power supply.

(June 2021)

Private House in Kumasi, Ghana.png

Regal Hotel in Tamale, Ghana

Our first project in Tamale is successfully up and running. The award-winning hotel is one of the best and most popular hotels in Tamale. The solar installation is our flagship project for the northern region in Ghana. For the hotel, the solar installation is an investment that pays immediate off by reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for the hotel.
(April 2021)

Regal Hotel in Tamale, Ghana.png
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