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Solar as a Service for Businesses in Africa

We offer a solution from A to Z to integrate solar solutions for your business.

“Wherever a diesel generator is humming, a solar system from EWIA can be realized”.

- Ralph Schneider

We Connect You With the Sun
to Save Money and Go Green
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Reliable Power Supply

Cost Saving Solar System

Customized Solar Finance

Sustainable Energy Production

Solar Off-Taker

Solar Off-Taker

In Five Steps to Own Your Solar System

EWIA developed a five-step approach to deliver custom made solar power plants, because every business need is different.


Whether in food producing, manufacturing or services sector, we assess the electricity consumption and load profile to deliver the right solution for every business.


Evaluation & Analysis

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Evaluates and analyses the customers individual energy need and load profile.


Project proposal that calculate and drafts a custom-made solar solution.


Development & Financing


EWIA and its technological partners prepare a detailed, custom- tailored solar power plant layout. It includes the financing, engineering and local EPC partner.



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A local EPC partner will install the solar plant for the client.



ewia step 4

EWIA and its partners takes care for the operation and maintenance. Customers can concentrate on their business and enjoy reliable green energy and low electricity costs.



ewia step 5

The plant remains the property of EWIA until the end of the financing term. After completion of the financing, the plant becomes the property of the company.

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