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One World

One Climate

One Future

Vision Equals Mission

Clean Energy by Solar Investments for Businesses in Africa

Vission Mision


We finance solar power plants to accelerate global change through improving access to clean energy, which improves air quality and health, while reducing global greenhouse gas emissions

Latest Technology

All of this brings the latest technology and knowledge to African countries, to create sustainable green jobs and alleviating poverty

Reliable Clean Energy

Solar delivers reliable and cheap energy to enhance competitiveness of African companies to foster growth and prosperity.

“Try and leave this world a little better than you found it”.

- Robert Baden-Powell


Our Values


Responsibility and ethical action drives us.


The star in the EWIA logo is one of the Adinkra symbols. These are visual symbols with historical and philosophical significance in Ghana. It is a sign of protection but also responsibility for the safety and well-being of someone and/or something.


Responsible action towards people, nature and society in general and particularly towards our customers, partners, employees and colleagues is our core value.



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations are an important concern for EWIA.


We share the goals of providing humanity with the greenest possible energy, eradicating poverty and hunger, giving people everywhere access to drinking water and education, protecting wildlife, etc. – and thus ensuring a fairer distribution of wealth for the global population ­– with deep conviction.  


The following goals are in particular focus:


EWIA Aligned Strategy with Social Development Goals

ewia and SDG.png

Sector Impact


EWIA invests in solar energy. In doing so, we are directly contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal no. 7. “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” Power cuts are a thing of the past for our C&I customers.


EWIA directly promotes job creation and economic growth by creating local jobs within our organisation and within our suppliers. In addition, EWIA's solar solution promotes job creation and economic growth among our customers as we increase their competitiveness through our cost-effective solar power solution.


EWIA promotes the development of inclusive and sustainable infrastructure by investing in solar installations for commercial and industrial customers. We provide our customers with the opportunity to own their own solar system.

Cross-Cutting Sector


“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” EWIA promotes lifelong learning within his organization, especially among local employees in Africa.


Women are crucial in the implementation of the SDGs. As a modern start-up company, we are strongly committed to equal opportunities for women and offer equal payment. At the same time, we ensure full participation in management and decision-making processes and in our advisory board. We are against all forms of discrimination and oppression against women and girls.


EWIA supports measures to combat climate change and its effects. With our organization, our investors, suppliers and customers, we build up knowledge and capacities and are active at various institutional levels in order to raise awareness of the containment and management of climate change and thus reduce the negative effects.


Together with international investors, EWIA mobilizes funds and invests in solar plants. To improve acceptance and expansion of capacities in developing countries we offer sustainable high-tech solutions and work with experienced technology partners and build effective partnerships.


Follow us on our journey to a solar future.

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