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Investments With Sustainable 

Investing in EWIA means investing with triple impact.

Triple Impact Investment

Investing in solar energy promotes growth in Africa,

increases prosperity in Africa and counteracts the climate crisis

“EWIA is the bridge builder between the capital market in Europe and Africa”.

- Dr Wolf Dietrich-Fugger

From Impact to Return on Investment

Today, businesses in Africa with high and constant electricity demand cannot manage without backup. Electricity from the grid is not only expensive, but also unreliably supplied. Most companies therefore have diesel generators, providing expensive and environmentally damaging standby power when the grid fails.


The EWIA business model enables the local economy in Africa to produce energy for its own consumption in a cost-effective and sustainable way and thus meets the needs of the market exactly.


EWIA offers customised solar investments and advisory services in Africa for high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.


Please contact us to learn more about your impact investment opportunity in one of the fastest growing continents - Africa.


Important Note:


With its expertise, local presence and existing network, EWIA offers interested parties and investors the opportunity to invest individually or in conjunction with the investor in strategies that have been developed in or for Africa, either alone or with EWIA. This is not an ancillary securities service according to Section 2 (3) WPIG. EWIA does not provide investment brokerage, investment advice or financial portfolio management. Furthermore, EWIA does not act in the sense of a financial investment brokerage or as a capital management company under investment law. If terms such as "sustainable" or "ecological" are used on our homepage or in presentations, we would like to point out that these are not to be understood in the sense of the taxonomy regulation and EWIA cannot guarantee that the projects are "sustainable" in the meaning of these regulations.

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