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EWIA Supports Women's Initiative in Tolon, the Northern Region of Ghana

EWIA has agreed to cooperate with the Munich-based company Archimedes-Consult GmbH and to plant a certain number of trees in Ghana for investors.

Each investor receives a corresponding certificate with the coordinates of his tree and thus actively fights climate change. It is virtually a green dividend, a real impact investment!It was important to EWIA that this investment, in addition to CO2 sequestration, also provides employment opportunities.In our case, in addition to the obvious benefits of reforestation, the 250 trees (shea butter and cashew trees) will provide local women with livelihood opportunities. Therefore, the cooperation includes Rural AgriHub Ltd and Lydia Madintin Konlan.Rural AgriHub, serves 1 500 farmers and trains local women in the cultivation of these trees. The trees are crops that will provide significant additional income to the women's initiative within 3 years.Further proof that EWIA is actively supporting and keeping track of multiple SDG Goals simultaneously.


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