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EWIA equips 6 mobile phone masts with PV systems

EWIA has now equipped the first six mobile phone masts with PV systems in Tamale in the sparsely populated north of Ghana. The work was carried out by EWIA Infrastructure, our joint venture with Tong New Energy.

The mobile phone network in Africa as part of the infrastructure is even more important than in Europe. This is also because there is only a weakly developed landline network. The supply of electricity to the transmission masts is a particularly critical point in this respect. Many masts, especially in remote locations, have their own power supply – so far usually in the form of diesel generators. This has many disadvantages: The generators are not exactly environmentally friendly, they also require a lot of maintenance, have to be refueled once a week and are therefore quite expensive to maintain.


The sun as a source of electricity for transmission towers is a better solution in every respect.


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