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Cooperation With Ewind
Cooperation With Ewind

February 2, 2021

Just in time for World Earth Day, EWIA enters into a cooperation with ewind from Berlin. This strategic partnership in the agricultural sector once again underlines our impact investment approach.

EWIAinvestments develops, finances, implements and operates solar plants for commercial and industrial enterprises in Africa.

Through a combination of rain-fed agriculture and economically viable solar plants, ewind brings new impulses to energy and food supply, especially in Africa, where energy supply is often still inadequate, and droughts repeatedly threaten harvests. Agro-photovoltaics enables highly efficient land use through the dual use of the field. This means cheap solar energy and multiplication of agricultural yields and preservation of soils and biodiversity.

In this way, both companies contribute their know-how in the fields of agriculture in low-rainfall areas and financing sustainable energy production. This results in a double win-win situation. Cheap solar power for companies and at the same time agricultural yields are multiplied through more efficient water management measures and soil erosion is reduced.

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