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Update on the Radach Hotel project

With its 68 air-conditioned rooms, Radach Lodge & Conference Centre is one of the most popular conference hotels in northern Ghana. NGOs, development organisations, companies, political parties and government representatives active in the region in particular use the hotel as a location for events or national conferences. The family-owned hotel is therefore usually fully booked and wants to expand. A new building with an additional 180 beds is currently being constructed. This will make it the largest hotel in northern Ghana. The expansion is to be accompanied by modernisation, which is where EWIA comes in.

In June, EWIA signed a project contract with the operators of the Radach Hotel in Tamale, Ghana, and detailed planning has been underway since then. The contract has been signed with the general contractor who will build the 74 kW ground-mounted system. Our partner is Green Power Brains Ltd, a company with branches in Ghana and Benin and based in Munich - its founder, Michele Velenderic, is, like EWIA, committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions for the African continent with his company. Green Power Brains is a so-called EPC provider. The abbreviation stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, i.e. development, procurement and realisation. As a technology partner, the EPC is responsible for the installation and operation of the plant.


As an EPC, Green Power Brains takes over the installation and operation of the PV system.

Like EWIA, Green Power Brains is already firmly rooted in Africa and also trains local technicians. Once commissioned, the system is expected to produce around 108,000 kWh of electricity per year, which will cover around 50 per cent of the hotel's energy consumption. If everything continues to go according to plan, the plant can be commissioned at the beginning of 2024. Further expansion is already being considered. In the medium term, the hotel aims to become completely self-sufficient in terms of power supply.

Parallel to the technical implementation, preparations for refinancing the €160,000 investment are in full swing. To this end, we are setting up a new financing channel that will also enable investors to participate directly in projects. This channel is to be opened before the end of the year.


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