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„Graphic Business“ reports on the opening of EWIA's Osko Lodge PV plant in Kumasi

Recently, Graphic Business, the most popular newspaper in Ghana, published an article about the new solar system at Osko Lodge guest house, which is operated and managed by EWIA.

Quoting Dr. Ebenezer Osei-Kofi, the director of Osko, the article said, "In our country, the sun shines all year round, and it's about time we harnessed it and put it to profitable use." 

Dr. Osei-Kofi, a pioneer in this regard, added to this insight with the following correct statement: "Even countries that don't have sun all year round know how to make good use of the little they have."He therefore called on the government to support private companies that invest in solar energy by reducing taxes on, equipment imported for installation. 

Last but not least, he pointed out that the more people use  solar energy, the significantly lower the country's carbon footprint will be.


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