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EWIA Enters Into Joint Venture in Ghana

EWIA Green Investments GmbH (EWIA) and Tong New Energy Ltd. (Tong) have signed a joint venture agreement after about six months of preparation. Both partners will implement infrastructure projects such as telecommunication stations in Ghana in a new legal entity. While Tong is responsible for the technical and constructional implementation, EWIA will provide the administrative and commercial resources as well as the financing of the projects. The market in Ghana currently envisages the construction of more than 6,000 telecommunication towers. Each of these telecommunication facilities will also be equipped with its own solar system. "We are happy to have found a profound, strategic partner in EWIA Green Investments, who also has excellent market knowledge and experience in Ghana", said Frank Mensah - Founding Partner Tong New Energy. For EWIA, the joint venture is also another important milestone for the achievement of key SDG goals. In particular, the combination of telecommunications, renewable energy and the safeguarding of jobs in Ghana are to be emphasised here.


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